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James Rowland Art

James Rowland (Born 1956) felt a strong attraction for the outdoors since his childhood. He believed that getting out there is the most important part of being an artist. He also liked to travel a lot and these trips introduced him to the wonders of nature and created within him a feeling of being at peace. He holds a degree in Commercial Photography from Clover Park Tech Washington (Lakewood) which he obtained in the mid-1970s. What motivates him to paint is the preservation of the beauty of nature. In the beginning of his career, he earned a living working as a portrait artist for more than 3 decades. He got tired shooting people as it became a boring routine and people’s egos became extremely difficult to deal with. In 2002, he decided to buy his first DSLR and went ahead to build a non-people portfolio and fine art became his passion. His art is a great attraction to those who love nature. That’s why those who purchase framed James Rowland art do so not only for decorative purposes but also to inspire them. Rowland also attended Medway College of Design, Rochester, and after graduation he worked in a London design studio as an illustrator/graphic designer for close to 10 years. As part of his collection, there are colorful, floral pictures that he built up over the past 4 years. He uses Photoshop to enhance some of the images to produce a unique “organic” feel. He accepts commission work to capture his clients’ treasures in a photograph. Today he lives and works in Kent.
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