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Framed Romero Prints

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8 Items
Framed Manhattan Aglow
Manhattan Aglow
by Paulo Romero
12" x 14" Frame
Price: $136.99 
Sale: $68.49
Framed City
by Paulo Romero
19" x 31" Frame
Price: $235.99 
Sale: $117.99
Framed Golden Gate
Golden Gate
by Paulo Romero
31" x 15" Frame
Price: $218.99 
Sale: $109.49
Framed Flatiron I
Flatiron I
by Paulo Romero
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $230.99 
Sale: $115.49
Framed Skyscraper 1
Skyscraper 1
by Paulo Romero
23" x 27" Frame
Price: $248.99 
Sale: $124.49
Framed Skyscraper 3
Skyscraper 3
by Paulo Romero
22" x 27" Frame
Price: $243.99 
Sale: $121.99
Framed City Lights
City Lights
by Paulo Romero
17" x 26" Frame
Price: $213.99 
Sale: $106.99
Framed Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
by Paulo Romero
31" x 15" Frame
Price: $216.99 
Sale: $108.49
Sort By:
8 Items
Paulo Romero’s paintings have developed from his strong passion and regard for the treasures that nature provides - the landscapes and beautiful objects around us. The passion also developed from his desire to represent these treasures so that his viewers can taste and enjoy their beauty. He grew up in places as varied as Texas, Mexico City, Montreal and New York. His paintings come to life with detailed subjects and soft colors that pull the viewer in. he has exhibited in several shows where his work has been greatly appreciated by many viewers and even by his fellow artists. In his paintings, Romero strives to capture the real meaning of what makes his subjects unique through the animated gesture of the brushstroke. His art adorn the walls of many buildings around the world. They are availed in a variety of finishing options, including framed Paulo Romero art, and they are also available in many online stores. He has always found inspiration in his surroundings which he considers to be unique. For his figurative art, he has received the esteemed Elizabeth Greenshield Award, and has also received Grants for photography. He does not have to go far to look for subject matter because the people and objects around him continue to prove charming to depict and observe. His collections have been shown in leading galleries and are part of top collections throughout Europe and North America. Romero currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, and this is where he enjoys the experience of exploring the coastal landscape while he walks with his sons who observe tiny details, color, and shapes.
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