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Konstantine Rodko Art

Konstantin Rodko (Born 1908) was based in the United States. He had four children with his first wife who he married in Latvia. They lived in Germany during the Second World War. In August 1950 they left Germany for New York. It was in New York that his painting talents came to fame. He produced several pieces f art and sold them on the streets of New York. Rodko divorced his first wife and remarried a woman called Kate Dennison, a painter by profession. The couple sold their works alongside each other. The family moved to Long Island, near Glen Cove. Here Rodko painted his best works while his wife made many miniature paintings. Rodko sold some of his works while others he gave to his four children as gifts. He loved the technical side of painting and always strived to get the best out of his mediums. He continually searched for perfection and enjoyed the process of searching for it; even though he knew he may never achieve it he found it exciting to try. Rodko also loved to listen to and play folk music and Russian gypsy music, speak Russian and paint Russian scenes, which is why many thought he was Russian. He loved art and could not imagine doing something different. Toward the end of the 1980s, the family moved to Brentwood, Long Island where they lived until 1984 when Kate died of a stroke. Nine years later Rodko died aged 47 years. His art is in many galleries, collections, homes and institutions around the world. Framed Konstantin Rodko art are highly priced because their demand is high.
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Framed Chores on the Farm
Chores on the Farm
by Konstantine Rodko
30" x 25"
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