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H. Armstrong Roberts Art

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Photographer H. Armstrong Roberts (born 1883) produced images that are extremely elegant and reflect the color tones of the places he visited. His art was greatly influenced by his travels, his childhood experience and the professional photographers he interacted with. Art is something that was always running in his veins since childhood and he was convinced that that was where his career lied. As a freelance photographer, Roberts founded one of the first major stock photography agencies in 1920. Originally the agency was named RetroFile but is currently goes by the name RobertStock. Roberts may have coined the term “stock photography” to mean a collection of images which can be traded. RetroFile brand name and trademark was acquired by Getty Images in late 2005. Some of Roberts’ works not acquired by Getty Images are available at Classic Stock. Roberts was consumed with taking photos that evoke viewer’s emotions. He captured memorable moments that act as an inspiration to many upcoming artists to date. His images seem to develop their own life enhanced by the beauty of color. Many collectors own ready to hang framed H. Armstrong Roberts art because they are in great demand. They can also be found in galleries and museums all over the world. He liked to think of photography as a language that speaks to people – just like music. His work has been featured in several exhibitions. Roberts believed that photography allows people to conceptualize subjective experiences then turn them into objects that can be shared. He died in 1947.
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