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Framed Roa Wall Art

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Framed Two Apples And A Plum
Two Apples And A Plum
by Roa
11" x 11" Frame
Price: $114.99 
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Muralist Roa (Born 1976) is an artist whose work has often been photographed and recorded by many. He lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. He is primarily known for his strong obsession for rodents and animals. He likes to combine death, life, and life after death in his artwork, which automatically distinguishes him from traditional muralists. Some major cities where his work can be found include New York, London, Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Madrid, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. He has also traveled to other locations around the world. Roa’s animals are painted to include internal organs and skeleton, making his painting to be more realistic. Roa says organs are the vital substances of the animal/human body and they represent a lot of the symbolism which he likes. Roa prefers to spray paint or acrylic paint in his work. In fact, he creates most of his work through a mixture of white, black, and gray scale colors. Once in awhile, he prefers to sketch, especially the large murals. Roa’s obsession with animals is unparalleled and he uses this obsession to paint for inspiration. He uses the native animals found in the locations in which he is painting. For example, if he goes to Mexico he will paint a rooster if the specific location he visits is filled with roosters. This makes him a standout artist. Roa’s attention to detail is phenomenal. Roa simply paints to paint- no other reason. He truly has a pure passion for painting. It is therefore not a surprise that framed Roa art are found in nearly all corners of the world.
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