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Framed Lorne Resnick Wall Art

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Framed Dock
by Lorne Resnick
19" x 25"
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Lorne Resnick is a self-taught photographer who set out into the world to let experience transform his natural talent into mastery. The transformation started as he attended most major rock concerts that were taking place at his hometown of Toronto, Canada. He has great passion for photography and began to shoot for magazines and newspapers and captured the quintessential shots of musical heroes of his generation, in the rock concerts. After 20 years of photographic explorations in developing nations that include Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, China, and 22 African countries, many could easily expect him to have created images of lack, a chronicle of pathos, sickness and hunger. But he is not a photographer of lack. When Resnick arrives in a place like Vietnam, he sees abundance; of generosity, of spirit, of character, of wit and talent, and it is this abundance that is revealed in his work, moment after moment – frame after frame. Resnick is optimistic about the human condition, believing artists should and can be architects of responsibility and awareness in a self-absorbed, over-stimulated society. Resnick is very cognizant of the economic and political landscape in which he works, but still his subjects are never depicted as victims of forces that are insuperable. They operate as autonomous beings that are actively engaged in the artistic process with him. In his color work, Resnick is able to create an effect that looks like it’s glowing from within the page, something he has perfected with his switch to digital photography. Today, framed Lorne Resnick art are in great demand due to their high quality.
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