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Ted F. Remington Art

Ted F. Remington loved art from an early age and has been working on arts since. He began his career in his late middle age as the result of the influence from some his friends who were also artists. What started out as an interest in painting has grown to advanced levels of art and he is now an accomplished artist because he decided to take art as a career instead of just painting purely for fun. Within a short period, Remington was juried-in National competitions, began accepting commissioned works of art, and became represented by galleries in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona. He also began to receive special honors and awards. Remington has been named as an Associate Member to the “Pastel Society of America” - the gold standard for Pastel Artists. In 2012, his art was chosen by the Set Designers for the release of “21 Jump Street movie,” and in 2002, Remington was featured in the Hard Cover, New Art International in New York. His works have been featured in Joan Cowley Art Gallery Catalogue; he also has Open Editions that are published internationally by Poems Art Publisher. His art has been featured in the New Mexico Magazine along side of R.C. Gorman, Georgia O’Keeffe’s art, and Ansel Adams, as Art of the Month on an on-going basis since 2006. His talent, professionalism, and skills have enabled him to create and nurture great working relationships with different companies and individuals. That’s why framed Ted F. Remington art can be found all over the world.
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Framed Little Village
Little Village
by Ted F. Remington
21" x 18"
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