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Philemon Reid Art

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Philemon Reid (1945 – 2009) was an African-American Artist whose love for jazz and blues was reflected in his colorful sculptures and paintings. His only formal art training was in high school, but he managed to develop his own unique style that was heavily influenced by the artist Picasso and also by Cubism. Adrienne Flagg, the creative director of North Portland’s IFCC says that Reid was part of an artistic movement that took hold in the 1970s and laid the foundation for Portland’s creative identity today. Reid’s art is on permanent display at the center. Reid was an inspiration and a comfort to Flagg when he (Flagg) began curating the IFCC Gallery in 2005. Flagg says that each of Reid’s pieces became a guide, a friend and an inspiration for his work at the IFCC. Reid’s art has been featured in numerous art shows and exhibits in the region, from Vancouver to Newberg to Portland and around the country. Reid was a full-time artist at the time of his death. He died at the age of 63, just a few days shy of his 64th birthday. He had begun sculpting. His inspiration would flow from the feelings and moods he experienced while listening to jazz music. Every day he continued to study and produce artwork while reaching for newer dimensions. He often rendered a subject in ink and pen as well as in oil, which were his two favorite mediums. Even after death, framed Philemon Reid art are still in great demand all over the world.
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