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Andrei Protsouk Art

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Framed LAmour sous le Parapluie50% Off Art Prints
LAmour sous le Parapluie
by Andrei Protsouk
24" x 31" Frame
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Andrei Protsouk (Born 1961) was born in Donet’sk, Ukraine. He was born to Anna and Alexander Protsouk, both of whom were artists. His father was a professional photographer, while his mother was a calligraphy artist and master embroider. When he was only 6 years old, both his parents recognized his talent as being exceptional and therefore encouraged him to pursue fine art for the rest of his life. Protsouk has coined this technique as “Fine Line” and has embedded his use of line into all of his artwork. His constructive, straight use of line embodies his classical training in art in every way. The language in his paintings can be seen as a folly that is continuous between his western life and inner Russianess. In short, his various styles change through time depicting his extroverted inner relationship with the understanding and continuous adaptation of western lifestyles. Protsouk’s subject matter is his visual philosophical language creating a unique relationship between him and his surroundings. Protsouk completed his high school then he was admitted to the Lugansk State School of Fine Art – this is equivalent to a specialized undergraduate art study in the likes of Cooper Union and Moore Collage of Art and Design in the United States. His liked the style of his drawing and painting; and were of the ides that he should pursue a Master’s degree in fine art at the Russian Academy of Arts (formerly the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture) in St. Petersburg, Russia. He did his masters and graduated in 1989. Today, framed Andrei Protsouk art are much sought after by many discerning collectors.
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