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Marcus Prime Art

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Marcus Prime was born in Ohio but left when he was still very young. He has loved art as long as he can remember. But his biggest obstacle to date has been to be finding himself as a man and as an artist simultaneously. For a couple of years he was homeless and struggling from things he had done in his past, that eventually had caught up to him. In the midst of a very difficult transition it also brought substance to his work. As he began to research more to better himself as an artist, he was at the same time bettering himself as a man without realizing it. He had to separate himself from a lot of people who were influencing him in a negative way, and he also slain himself for quite some time and focused purely on his art. Once he was able to focus, this in turn allowed him to build his reputation internationally as a respected artist; and today framed Marcus Prime art are much sought after by many collectors. Prime has lived in Missouri, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Germany and Alabama. Even though his friends and family were supportive, they didn’t always understand his choices. At one point in his life he started doing more radical work and it did concern his parents since he was raised by a religious family. Prime’s work is much inspired by Norman Rockwell, one of the first artists that really made him stop and stare at a piece of art, and to really try to figure out what’s going on in the piece.
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