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Kate and Liz Pope Art

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Liz and Kate Pope, also referred to as The Pope Twins by their fans, are identical twins who have quite different personalities but they are both artists. The pope Twins were born and raised in Derbyshire, but they now live in Chesterfield, though on opposite sides. They both gained first-class degrees from Staffordshire University in Surface Pattern they began their careers as professional book and greeting card illustrators, working together to create their signature collaged and colorful style. They and their talents are quite idiosyncratic. Liz and Kate Pope are like two sides of the same coin because their different personalities blend so well and help them to collaborate. Kate and Liz have a unique relationship. They collaborate together on their distinctive works of art each contributing to the final art. Working from their shared studio in Liz’s house and living only a short distance apart, the two create their delightful collage-style pieces with a lot of excitement. This explains why when working together, they are a force to be reckoned with in the art and illustration world. They work in their joint venture and since they began working together, the two have provided artwork for over forty books as well as numerous calendars, cards, stationery, puzzles, and even gift wrap. Framed Liz and Kate Pope art are also a common feature in many galleries and homes around the world. They are not boastful about their success and they don’t like to make the success look like extraordinary.
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