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Daniel Pollera (Born in 1953) was born in Freeport, the coastal town in New York. Pollera’s interest in art began when he was very young age and gravitated toward painting and drawing the surrounding coastline of Long Island. He studied shortly in Commercial Art at SUNY Farmingdale, after which he left to enter the family business. He also studied with a well respected President of the National Mural Society called Everett Molinari. For close to 15 years, Pollera took a rest from painting, but this did not stop his love for the sea. In 1977, he obtained a Captain’s License from the US Coast Guard and took passengers on the open ocean for hire. Through his visual knowledge and this experience, Pollera was drawn to start his painting again. He’s primarily self-taught but he worked with a mural and portrait artist Frances Norris Streit, assisting her on a historical mural (14’ X 30’) for the Roslyn savings bank.
Pollera captivates his admirers by inspiring feeling and emotion through composition and light in his work. He strives to create a sense of tranquility and peace that entices the viewer to have a look at his paintings stimulating their emotion to interpret what they feel. His paintings are void of people; he does this intentionally so as to create an intimacy between the viewer and nature making his art to be thought-provoking. He has exhibited in many places including Long Island Museum of Art, Chrysalis Gallery, Southampton, Charter Oak Gallery, Fairfield, and Owl 57 Gallery, Woodmere, among others.
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