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Karin Planker Art

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Framed Compostion I
Compostion I
by Karin Planker
42" x 42"
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1 Item
Karin Planker understands the language of color and she uses it such that those who view her work can feel their emotionality and sensitivity. In particular, is the interesting correspondence between her action and color, which makes the color not only on the subject but also inspirational. The longer one looks at Karin’s images, the more they will feel addressed by their color. Whether black, white, blue, red, gray, or yellow, the viewer can always find the color in appropriate contexts and love to talk to them. Karin uses a combination of color and texture to bring a perfect balance to her art. This color world is born from her imagination and re-emerges in her art in our familiar atmosphere of the real world, eventually inviting each viewer to communicate. Color is what Karin uses to communicate her inner feelings to her viewers. Her decorations in mixed media paintings on wood, metal or canvas are very personal ideograms. She’s is one of the artists who have placed high demands on themselves and their work. She’s disciplined in his work and her high standard calls out constantly for her to work extremely hard to fully satisfy her clients and to fully realize her artistic potential. Her keenness to detail as made her art to be in high demand, especially the framed Karin Planker art that come complete with hanging accessories. Her art is a creative process that’s constantly evolving, and that explains why her art is always fresh. The abstraction of the artist is understood to be direct description and subtle formulation of the reality as we live it.
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