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JC Pino Art

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JC Pino loved art from a tender age. As a boy, he remembers that he used to sit at his desk and draw and paint horses and trees. He was born and brought up in Venezuela and was exposed to a unique blend of flavors, races and cultures of the Caribbean, under the watchful eyes of his parents. Pino received the almost military influence of his father who wanted him to follow the career in the oil industry. His mother was an artist and she always shared her passion for the history of art and design, and always surrounded herself of beautiful things. His father gave him the best education - He was a nature lover and a top executive of the oil industry with a military orientation. After receiving a very well rounded education Pino followed the path of his father, graduating with a MBA. This allowed him to work on different fields from real estate to winery, developing and advertising agency. He was very happy to spent extra hours with the creative people at the studio when developing a new campaign for a client. A time came when he had to leave a comfortable life and he left everything behind to escape the communism of Venezuela, and went into exile in the United States. Here he found a new country that helped him to start thinking about the freedom of options. So he started a restaurant business. At the age of 39, he decided to recreate a Claude Monet painting for his brother as a gift. This sparked a passion of painting in him. Since then, he produced many pieces of art mainly in the form of framed JC Pino art.
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