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Framed Picasso Blue Period

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Framed Blue Boy
Blue Boy
by Pablo Picasso
12" x 17" Frame
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Framed Picasso Blue Period Paintings

Known for his contributions to the abstract art community, the paintings of Pablo Picasso are timeless classics. The depression Pablo Picasso felt during a hard phase of his life translated itself into his paintings during a time known as his Blue Period. Done in austere shades of blue and green, the framed Picasso Blue Period artwork mark a time of hardship and difficulty.

Framed Picasso Blue Period paintings are some of Pablo Picasso’s most famous works. “Blue Nude (Seated Nude)” evokes the emotions of agony and imprisonment, painted is a naked woman seated with her back facing the frame, her head cradled in her folded arms in anguish and pain. “Blue Boy” is a portrait of a young man in blue shirt, his face is solemn and his posture austere.
Framed Picasso Blue Period fine art prints are solemn scenes, done in hues of blue and green and few use of warm colors. An old man with light blue skin sits crossed legged in a dim and dark room with the shades draw alone, his head bent over an old guitar as he plucks the strings in the painting “Old Guitarist”.

“Child with Dove” is an unusual painting, as it is one of the few Blue Period paintings that Pablo Picasso painted that incorporates and utilizes colors other than shades of blue. The painting depicts a young child with bright red hair standing in a room, a colorful yet still muted ball sitting at his feet.
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