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Geno Peoples Art

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Geno Peoples became an artist because he has been blessed with a talent and has a passion for painting. He has been drawing and painting since he was a small boy. Being a Native of Panama City Florida, his paintings are much influenced by the lifestyle and features of Florida. Peoples has many of his paintings in different locations in Panama City, Fl, and in many different states and countries as well. He is currently Published with Hadley House, and Licensed with Art Licensing Company. He also teaches art lessons at Hobby Lobby in Panama City, Fl. Peoples believes that art is a reflection of his inner self and his journey through life. That’s why he puts much effort in his work to produce the best. Framed Geno Peoples art are found in many private and public institutions all over the world. They are highly priced by many collectors because they are in great demand. He believes that success can only be achieved through perseverance, hard work, and through the Grace of God. As an artist, Peoples likes to think he has a mission to please others. Thus, he would be honored for his work to hang on walls and to be admired by viewers. He prides himself on the ability to achieve perfection without any formal training. Furthermore, he also believes that humans are no more than the tools that powers the special gift that God gives them all. In the 2006 edition of Field and Stream Magazine his art titled "Peaceful Moments" was showcased.
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