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Ray Pelley Art

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Framed Appletini
by Ray Pelley
25" x 25" Frame
Price: $284.99 
Sale: $142.49
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Ray Pelley has live and worked as an artist in the Pacific Northwest for close to 40 years. He’s a graduate of Illinois State University where he received his degree in Fine Art, and where he studied both printmaking and painting. After graduation Pelley moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he began his work on a series of limited edition serigraphs and also worked as a graphic artist. His current art focuses on still lifes of admired objects that define our current culture. While much of his earlier works revolved around the fantastic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, he has now turned to photo-realism and uses pop icons and images as his subject matter. His current work is focused on photoreal still lifes of trendy objects that define our current culture. Pelley is currently represented in Kirkland, Washington by the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery. In his art there’s lushness in both color and texture that oils provide, which give a depth to the image when combined with their ability to be manipulated. He like oils and says this ability of oils to be manipulated can rarely be achieved in other mediums. He also says that oils allow for a wide variety of styles and effects. He adds that oils have allowed him to pursue realistic images far better than screen-printing could. His art, especially the framed Ray Pelley art, found a willing audience and made him to start exhibiting his work in Washington at various juried shows. He has been on top of the game with his unique style that makes his art to be easily recognizable.
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