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Framed Decorative Michael Orton Wall Art

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2 Items
Framed Open Stock I
Open Stock I
by Michael Orton
15" x 27" Frame
Price: $181.99 
Sale: $90.99
Framed Open Stock II
Open Stock II
by Michael Orton
16" x 28" Frame
Price: $197.99 
Sale: $98.99
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2 Items
Michael Orton is a photographer who appreciates and understands the defined moment, but has sought to reach beyond the limits of documentation. He sees his surroundings as source of material for his art. This has given him a sense of empowerment and freedom that continue to inspire him. The unique variations of light and vast color combinations found in the natural landscape, together with the wide variety of choices in compound camera motion provide him with an exciting challenge. He says that there’s a place within each person that holds the hope that they may hear for even a few moments, a chorus or a chord of that which has inspired sculptors, painters, musicians, poets, photographers and writers to reach beyond themselves. Orton is a husband, father and grandfather and a camera has been a part of him for a large part of his adult life and has taken him and his wife, Mary, on a wonderful ride. In 1992 their first book “Once Upon an Island” was published by Orca Book Publishers. Orton and his wife have chosen to present the unique experience of the presentations of “Earth Symphony” in their latest work, “Freedom”. Orton says he’s blessed in having a giving, gifted partner who through all the years has given him support in so many ways, and now they have made their home in Nanaimo BC Canada where they have been living for more than 30 years, with their sons and their families close by. Framed Michael Orton art has become a common sight in many buildings.
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