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Jaime Olaya Art

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Framed La Maternidad
La Maternidad
by Jaime Olaya
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $286.99 
Sale: $143.49
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Jaime Olaya is an artist based in Miami, Florida. The Colombian born-artist paints with a variety of different techniques and styles that make his work quite attractive. He attended the Instituto de Bellas Artes, in Medellín where he studied fine arts. Olaya is a naturalistic painter who strongly believes in nature and is of the opinion that technology shouldn't be used for negative purposes. His paintings depict memories of his homeland with special interest in the native women of his culture. The artist uses a gamma of colors quite typical of Latin American scenery, where he molds the women as the center of all beauty. He teaches art classes and has exhibited his works in several important places, such as the University of Washington, the Gallery in the Seattle Museum, and in many other galleries in the US. Olaya is known for his dreamlike arrangements of subject matter. For him, a painting is not only about aesthetics but it is also about the feeling it evokes. His life as an artist is wonderful, and very fulfilling. He has been so fortunate because he’s surrounded by many fellow artists and wonderful friends who have supported and inspired him. Currently, framed Jaime Olaya art are selling in large numbers because of their attractiveness, and they can be found adorning the walls of many homes, galleries, institutions, and museums. He has a provocative and simple style that invites the viewers to move further from the material world and return to a simpler life.
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