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Anne Marie Oborn Art

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Framed Mother and Child
Mother and Child
by Anne Marie Oborn
31" x 26" Frame
Price: $318.99 
Sale: $318.99
Framed Gathering Hollyhocks
Gathering Hollyhocks
by Anne Marie Oborn
14" x 16" Frame
Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
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2 Items
Anne Marie Oborn believes that truth in painting, just like in literature, can be portrayed deeply and more eloquently by depicting a true impression rather than stating all the visual facts. Being a traditional impressionist, most everything is self explanatory to her. However, she says that the discovery of color harmony is not as much an intellectual realization as it is a textural variation of brushstrokes combined with a savoring of a visual stimulus. When she’s painting, she tries to remember the vivid colors because her camera never captures the whole truth of what she’s seeing. Much like musical creations is meant to fall pleasantly upon our ears chords of color are meant to harmonize visually. Anne paints her works in colorful detail that reflect the emotional nature of her subjects. She’s well known for her Russian Impressionist oil paintings of sunlit florals, bravura landscapes, and vibrant portraits. Anne is a signature member of Oil Painter's of America. She has exhibited in their national shows for many years. She has also exhibited at the Phippen Museum of Art in Prescott with the American Academy of Woman Artists (AAWA). Anne is a founding member of the Plein Air Painters of Utah and the Inspirational Art Association. She graduated from Idaho State University and also completed an intensive, 30-day course of instruction at the Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she was taught by Igor Vadimavich Petrov. Today framed Anne Marie Oborn art hang on many wall around the world. Anne is a skillful illustrator, having many of her works appearing in book publications and magazines.
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