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Philippe Noyer Art

Philippe Noyer (1917 – 1985) was born in Lyon, France. He’s an artist who’s very honest with himself. His eye for color and his inborn draftsmanship have earned him a worldwide reputation. Currently 2,000 of his watercolors and oil paintings are in collections, private collections and museums. Noyer says his paintings are what they appears to be, nothing less, nothing more. He adds that some of his paintings are serious while some are not. But he has always painted what he has felt. Noyer started his painting career in 1943 and was lucky to meet Emmanuel David that same year. David was a famous Paris art dealer who promoted the famous "School of Paris" painters from 1943 - 1950. He immediately contracted at the prestigious Drouant-David Gallery. Parallel to Noyer’s paintings, which at that time, represented round-faced urchins with their pet animals and owls wrapped in leaves, the artist soon became one of the most sought after portraitist of the high society in London and Paris. The Gallery gave Noyer his first solo show in 1947, which immediately shot him into the limelight as a successful artist. Life was good! In those following years, Noyer was commissioned to paint the portraits of dozens of personalities including Jean Wallace, Dinah Shore, Elizabeth Taylor, and the children of producer Alan Lerner and actor Alan Ladd. As his art matured, however, Noyer put aside this career as a portraitist and devoted himself fully to the sophisticated, delicate, long-limbed slim ladies who had progressively replaced children as his favorite subjects. Today, his art are much sought after by many collectors, especially the ready to hang Philippe Noyer art.
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