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Framed Vintage Emily Navas Wall Art

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Framed Destination Morocco I
Destination Morocco I
by Emily Navas
19" x 22" Frame
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Price: $188.99 
Sale: $94.49
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Emily Navas has been described by many as one of the most famous graphic designers in Orlando, FL and one of the most successful artists. Emily is a talented photographer and graphic designer. She loved art from a tender age and had a strong conviction that she was meant to be an artist. As a young girl, she loved anything with an artistic flare and would spend most of her free time working on art. Emily received her bachelor’s degree from Valencia College and currently lives in Orlando, FL. Today, she works with Sun Dance Graphics as a Graphic Designer and is also a freelance designer. Over the years, her credentials have grown to reflect a fairly impressive list of clients. Her client list is still growing, with her loyal followers always waiting for her new pieces of art. Once she started working professionally, she began to receive commissions and freelance work from those who loved her art. She’s much sought after and her images have spread throughout the world. They can be seen on several products and on the walls of many prestigious buildings and spaces around the world. Today, framed Emily Navas art can be seen in homes of celebs and prominent people. They are also in museums, galleries, institutions and in private and public collections. Emily describes herself as a photographer, art lover, bookworm, preppy girl, graphic designer and dog mom with a silly aunt, sweet tooth, and is a music enthusiast and shoe obsessed. She reads a lot to get ideas and inspiration for her work. Her inspiration also comes from her travels.
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