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Lena Navarro Art

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Lena Navarro was born and raised up in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). She has been working as an artist since 2011. Her favorite media is oil because it lasts very long. She likes to tell her customers that her paintings that they purchase will last longer than them – especially the framed Lena Navarro art. She’s not trying to be mean; she’s just saying it is something the customers can leave for their grandkids. Lena loves color! She likes to use bright colors in her art. When she’s painting something bright she often thinks of a person who it will belong to. She also thinks of how it will brighten up their rainy days and how beautiful it will look in his/her living room. And yes, she says her paintings do change the world even if it's the world of one person! Combining the large areas of light washes, with fine details of traditional portraiture and dripping paint, Lena’s art grab the attention of the viewers with their subjects’ gaze. The paintings also allow the eyes of the viewer to wonder across the surface and to explore the layers of color and rich details, transporting the viewer to Lena’s sphere of colorful expression. From a young age she was painting, drawing and making all kinds of artistic stuff. Lena felt like she wanted to create new things all the time and change existence. She wanted a different life, something different, than what everybody else has. She grew up and her passions grew up with her. Lena now works and lives in the USA.
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