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Yoshitomo Nara Art

Yoshitomo Nara (Born 1959) was born in a rural village in Northern Japan called Hirosaki. He was the youngest of 3 boys in his family, but his upbringing more closely resembled that of an only child because he was much younger than his brothers. In addition, as did many adults in post-Second World War Japan, his parents kept busy work schedules. Because he was so sensitive and introverted — and because his parents worked so much - Nara spent most of his time alone with the television, his imagination, and his pets for company. The artist has acknowledged that his childhood, which was lonely, influences his art, and he says that he did not realize he was lonely when he was young. During his high school days, he took a nude-sketching class and realized that drawing was a natural way to make good use of his fertile imagination. Finally, Nara found a way to express all that he had held inside. From 1979, he studied art at the Musashino Art University for 3 years. After graduation, he continued his studies in Nagoya at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. He earned his bachelor of fine arts and his master of fine arts in 1985 and in 1987 respectively. He specializes in flat, 2D drawings that depict sulky characters with big heads; his most frequent subjects are cartoonish animals and children. Besides acrylic and oil paintings, Nara crafts installations that take up whole rooms. He has made many connections with art lovers and professional. This has helped to promote his work. That’s why famed Yoshitomo Nara art can be found in almost all corners of the world.
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Framed N.Y. (Self-Portrait), 2002
N.Y. (Self-Portrait), 2002
by Yoshitomo Nara
10" x 11"
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