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Richard Murray Art

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Framed Milkweed Sims and Jams
Milkweed Sims and Jams
by Richard Murray
27" x 17" Frame
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Richard Murray (Born 1948) was born in Utah. He has dedicated more than 15 years to painting images of domestic and wild animals in a portrait-like style. He paints fawns, longhorns, cougars, roosters, and others. He currently resides in Eastern Oregon and had experimented with different subject matter and painting styles for more than 20 years before he settled on the animal portraits that he focuses on today. He visits wildlife sanctuaries and petting zoos for research, and works from photographs he takes at these locations during the low light at the end of the day. He determined the size of each work by the size of the actual animal. Most of the works span between 5 to 6 feet. He paints the frame using the same neutral color as the background to ensure that nothing detracts the viewer from the popping animal form. He employs vivid light and shadow in his portraits using oil on panel. Murray attended the University of Utah to study art but his landscapes and figural works were dismissed as obsolete at the school. So, he decided to leave the University and started working in his studio after joining the National Guard. Framed Richard Murray art are in great demand among animal lovers. The artist has designed his home to look like a massive studio space that’s able to accommodate his large pieces. The living quarters are facing the nature preserve and are seamlessly tucked into the front-end of the space. His home is just like a cathedral not only because of the scope of the art but also because of the space.
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