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Framed Kevin Muggleton Wall Art

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Framed Cold Water
Cold Water
by Kevin Muggleton
9" x 9"
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Kevin Muggleton (Born in 1966) was born in southern England. His father was an army paratrooper so the family had to move from one location to another and therefore he never had the chance to take root. When he was 6 years old the family was living in the Orient where he began working as an artist. Since the then he has lived and worked as an artist, film maker and photographer on every continent. For the artist, art is a lifestyle. He says that the more of life one experiences, the more fascination the art world becomes. Sculpture photography, design, painting, film, are indeed separate disciplines, but he says that each subject excites him, and it’s that excitement that drives his design process. In his painting process, he builds layers of paint from a crisp white surface into a noticeable piece of art that satisfies like no other experience; and the process of shaping, bending and welding metals lets Muggleton understand boundless creativity. Muggleton believes that in photography there is little illusion to the subject matter; it is exacting. The textures and colors of his paintings create a perfect balance in his compositions and represent the changes in moods and light of his travels to different lands. The artist works with a combination of oils and acrylic glazes. Currently, he lives in Colorado with his son Redvers Ténéré and his wife Christine. He produces art in a variety of finishing options, among them the framed Kevin Muggleton art which are the most popular with many collectors.
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