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Anthony Morrow Art

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Anthony Morrow is is an American fine artist who was raised in Lumberton, New Jersey. He started showing interest in drawing while he was still young. To develop his skills and knowledge in art, Morrow studied illustration and received a BFA from the University of the Arts Philadelphia. After graduation, he started offering design services as a freelancer before setting up a small studio. His advertising agency offered a variety of design services. As his agency grew, Morrow diversified his design services and offered a variety of prints, posters, and other pieces of art. His work was a reflection of creativity and an exceptional mastery of his artistic style. Morrow’s inspiration is drawn from his surroundings as well as from great artists. His paintings reveal his special attachment to nature and everyday objects. He described his work as, "organic and based on nature and our relationships within it.” Cezanne, Gauguin, and Matisse are some of the great artists who have highly inspired him in his artistic journey. Morrow’s work is a special blend of old-fashioned principles, modern techniques, and his graphic designing background. This combination yields a style that captures the viewer’s attention in a special gluing way. His wide collection of artistic works is displayed in various galleries in the US with a number of them selling ready to mount Anthony Morrow framed art. His unique style makes his paintings to be among the favorite pieces of art for corporations and private collectors. Morrow’s paintings, posters, and prints capture everyday objects in a style that truly amazes every viewer.
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