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Nenad Mirkovich Art

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Nenad Mirkovich (Born 1951) is a painter who creates timeless art that are meant to impact on the lives of current and future generations. He makes art on diverse themes. Mirkovich’s art provide a great combination of feels that include drama and peace, light and darkness, and movement and calmness. He started painting while still a child and loved painting landscapes. This was after his mother familiarized him with diverse beautiful works of nature that saw him appreciate the landscapes more. He also just loved some of the amazing plants and flowers that were found in landscapes, particularly living in a home with a balcony that had gardenias, roses, and irises. It’s no secret that Mirkovich was influenced into art making mainly by his family background. Having been born to a painter father who was also available to teach him and cheer him on, it was more like his career was well cut out for him. His art making passion grew as he used to sit and observe his father creating a variety of artwork pieces. Mirkovich’s father also had artist friends visiting their home several times, also inspiring the little boy into art making. But then again, as he tried his hand in painting, it became apparent that he was indeed a talented person. His forays in the art industry also introduced him to diverse works of art masters such as Matisse, Renoir, and Monet. These works further instilled in him an urge to continue working to improve the quality of his works. Mirkovich considers himself a positive artist and not a negative artist, which he defines as artists who create abstract artwork that neither makes sense to them nor the viewers. According to Mirkovich, positive artists are those artists who create art that are easy to understand and are on positive subjects. He earned the Best Newcomer Artist Award for his works as a lead illustration when he was working for one of Belgrade’s weekly magazines. His works can be found in a variety of galleries with many of these outlets also selling framed Nenad Mirkovich art that are provided ready for mounting on the wall.
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