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Malcolm Milne Art

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2 Items
Framed Small Avian Habitat III (P)
Small Avian Habitat III (P)
by Malcolm Milne
19" x 21" Frame
Price: $173.99 
Sale: $173.99
Framed Small Avian Habitat IV (P)
Small Avian Habitat IV (P)
by Malcolm Milne
18" x 21" Frame
Price: $175.99 
Sale: $175.99
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2 Items
Malcolm Milne (1887 –1954) was born in Myrtleford. He used the outdoors to inspire a huge collection of work. He was a visual artist who specialized in flowers and Still life. There‘s a broad variety of products featuring his images, and his flower images are flooded with playful gleams of light which transmit an out-of-the-ordinary optical appeal to the viewers. His medium of choice was Watercolor. He had several reasons why he decided to use watercolors. For one, he said with watercolors it was practically impossible for him to ruin his brushes and even if he forgot to wash them, it wasn’t a big deal. Secondly he said they are easy clean up and so he could just rinse them out before he started painting the next time. He also liked watercolor because they don’t involve the use of any harsh chemicals and are completely odor-free. There is a broad variety of finishing options of his art, including ready to hang framed Malcolm Milne art, to satisfy the varying needs of clients. He sought to make the environment as harmonious as possible, and his unconventional and creative personality ultimately led him to attract many esteemed clients around the world. Several works by Milne have been sold at auction, while others are availed in many art stores around the world. His pieces of art are a major attraction to many art lovers, especially those who love nature. His prints still stand out in the crowd because they give life to still lifes and bring a fresh new look to flowers.
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