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Meloushka Designs Art

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Framed Regal Crown Indigo and Cream
Regal Crown Indigo and Cream
by Meloushka Designs
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $182.99 
Sale: $91.49
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1 Item
Meloushka Designs is on the south coast of England. It is run by Melissa White, a decorative artist for many years. The artist is best known for reproducing Tudor wall paintings, but her inspiration and style is diverse and eclectic. Melissa hand paints interiors and fabrics, and designs wallpapers and printed textiles. She also uses her own "fresco secco" technique to paint on plaster. Aging and distressing the paintwork has become her signature patina. Through Meloushka Designs, Melissa produces fine resolution art reproductions that are curated by team of specialists. She uses high quality canvas for crisp detail and superior color. She prints using eco-friendly canvas and inks for a greener world. Melissa works largely to commission, creating personalized pieces for private homes working via art consultants, architects and interior designers, or working directly with the clients. She also works with the hospitality, retail and heritage sectors. Melissa draws on ever changing and diverse influences for her designs and is best known for reproducing painted cloths and Elizabethan wall paintings. Melissa was introduced to Elizabethan decoration in 1997 after graduating with a degree in French and art history. She trained with craftsman and artist David Cutmore. Over the years the two have worked together on many projects for private clients and museums, developing a practical appreciation and understanding of how the ancestors managed to decorate their homes whilst building up a valuable pool of Elizabethan reference material. Today, framed Meloushka Designs art are much sought after and are highly priced by many discerning collectors.
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