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Mel McRobert Art

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Throughout his life, Mel McRobert has always painted for the enjoyment of expressing what he saw through his painting. He is an artist of the 20th/21st Century known for great works that baffles artists to date. His art has found its way to several galleries/exhibitions including: Main Street Gallery, Lake Oswego, Sharon Rickert Gallery, Hillsboro, Mary Hellene’s Gallery, Lincoln, Portland, Lake Oswego Art Show, Beaverton, Taste of Beaverton, Beaverton, Beaverton Arts Commission, Cannon Beach, Haystack Gallery, Ballantyne & Douglass Gallery, Tualatin, Art Splash Art Show, and Lake Oswero Festival of the Arts. He has lived in the Portland, Oregon area all his life. But he travels a lot to get inspiration for his art. Collectors around the world like to stock framed Mel McRobert art as their most valued assets as they are sold in large numbers. Currently, his art adorns the walls of many building all over the world. McRobert likes to travel a lot and his inspiration came from these travels. Art is his hobby and while painting he feels like the time is flying. He says that doing what he likes has made him to be the happiest man in the world. Those who purchase his art today do so because they are attractive, durable and inspiring. Over the years McRobert has developed a love of the scenic Pacific Northwest. There are many beautiful scenes here that he can paint for a lifetime. He does the paintings in a manner that makes the viewers feel that they have actually visited the scenes. He wanted his viewers to experience the same joy he felt while working on his art.
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