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Framed Mauro Wall Art

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Framed Asian Jewels IV
Asian Jewels IV
by Mauro
15" x 12"
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Mauro (born 1949) was born in Milan. He was an only child. He worked in Milan for some time before moving to Rome where he enrolled for classes in theatre studies. After completion, he started to act film and worked with Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor. Many more film roles followed and Mauro decided to set up a production company. He was hoping to initiate better films than what were then in the market. Changing course once again, Mauro decided to relocate to London and went into architectural and design work. In 2000, he sold his home and his architectural and design practice so he could become a full-time artist. He found contentment in dedicating himself to art and in the next three years that followed, he experimented with different materials before he perfected the formulation of the resin he wanted to use and patented it. It was transparent and lustrous, forever changing under different lighting conditions. An art critic, Elspeth Moncrieff, said that Mauro’s use of polyurethane resins is pioneering. Resin is known to have an innate instability and is more difficult to control when foreign materials are embedded within it. But Mauro manages to embed his objects in it with a lot of expertise that makes his work totally beguiling. His pieces come out clean, bright and utterly original. His art appeals to the sense of touch and to the eyes because of their pristine surfaces and their bold, synthetic colors. Framed Mauro are found in public collections in Britain and the United States and in many private collections. He also has many pieces in other finishing options in such places.
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