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Nancy Matthews Art

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Nancy Matthews supports herself with rewarding commissions for exterior decoration, pool mosaics and fountains, some local, many in Europe. Her studio is a former garage, with works in progress and materials all over-- she branched out into fiber art several years ago. She lives with her husband, Turner, a lawyer, in a sorbet wonderland. The building in which they live together with its walls stand in pastel protest to those around them. Nancy has painted in staid gray and beige. She is covering the pillars and walls with 100s of small clay tiles and sculptures. Nancy says she’s mostly self-taught as an artist and gardener. Nancy had lived with her husband in an unremarkable but comfortable concrete block house for more than 25 years before they moved to their current place. She learned printmaking in New York and California, but she says that the minute she walked into a clay studio, time stopped. All the images she was doing in 2Ds she suddenly saw in 3D. Nancy could never see a blank canvas that she didn't want to fill. She always had “itchy fingers” ready to work on any empty space. The artist has created scenes that are self-referential. And for many years, her husband supported her in all her endeavors. Currently framed Nancy Matthews art are highly priced by many collectors. They have found their way into many galleries, museums, homes, institutions and art stores all over the world. Nancy is also used to manual labor because she creates large mosaics and murals.
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