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Framed Maja Wall Art

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Framed Grand Entrance
Grand Entrance
by Maja
18" x 18" Frame
Ships within 1-2 days
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $166.99
Sale: $83.49
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1 Item
Due to the Bosnian War, Maja fled Bosnia along with her mother when she was nine years old and then spent 3 years in refugee camps, moving from Slovenia to the United States through Austria and Germany. The turmoil and confusion of those years and her experience in the refugee camps has greatly informed both her work and also the way in which she relates with and observes people. She’s particularly drawn to people on the fringes of society: the afflicted, the downtrodden, the wayward and the impoverished. Maja’s characters are born from the convergence of her daily observations, imagination, and memory. She used to work primarily with oils doing non-representational, large paintings but recently she began making small works on paper with watercolor and ink. The medium of watercolor brings a loose touch to her pieces that emphasizes the messiness of experience and emotions and also manages to express a sense of motion and brightness– as if each her images are still unfurling. She’s drawn to paper and ink because she says it feels like writing and it seems to activate the part of her brain that wants to tell stories. There’s something about the fluidity and immediacy of watercolor and ink that seems to keep her visually engaged. Her art are available largely as framed Maja art, though there’re also other finishing options. Maja’s art has been to many exhibitions where they are fared very well even receiving positive reviews from many professional art critics. Her art can be used to decorate any wall.
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