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Mark Mabry Art

Mark Mabry studied photography at The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. He holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies and a master's degree in Russian studies. At a young age, he liked to do things by himself and this led to the development of his artistic talent. He knew that he would become a professional artist and was lucky to receive support from those who liked his art. He plays with texture, light and dark and delicate tones to deliver an intensity and character to his subject matter that draws the viewer to stop and take a longer look. Marby has always had great sell-through with his products, especially the framed Mark Mabry art. His studies continued with an emphasis in creative nonfiction from Arizona State University. Many know him for his pictorial essay that depicts events in the life of Jesus Christ -"Reflections of Christ." Once he started working professionally, he began to receive commissions and freelance work from those who loved his art. He has spent a lot of time studying trends so that his art can remain relevant and effectively satisfy his clients’ needs. Today his art has found its way into many prestigious galleries, museums, institutions and homes around the world. The artist currently works as creative director at The Blaze. He has been much appreciated for his keenness to detail and many have described him as one of the most famous photographers in Arizona, and one of the most successful. He lives with his wife, Tara, and their 4 children in Keller, Texas.
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