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Laura Nydia Lozano Art

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Artist Nydia Laura (Born 1947) was born in Alginet, Spain. She’s been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. Even the artists who feel like they want to give up on painting usually get back into the business after viewing her work and hearing her story. She mainly does landscapes - Laura’s first works were landscapes. Her art is influenced by her childhood life. She remembers the bright colors of the orange and lemon trees and of the rice fields. Though she’s a professional artist, she still looks for new and better ways to improve and present her work. That’s why she’s a faithful visitor of museums, shows and exhibitions where she goes to observe what other artist are doing so as to keep her art fresh. Her paintings reflect her technical skill and a balance of emotion. The paintings are found in several institutions and in several of private and corporate collections all over Spain and abroad. Laura’s father noticed her intense love and affection for painting, so he approached Alginet, a master painter, for his opinion of Laura’s talent. The painter was so much impressed with her drawings and invited her to study with him. After being with Alginet for awhile, Laura later joined the San Carlos Fine Arts School in Valencia. Laura’s canvases reflect the sensitivity of her heart and the strength of her talent. Framed Nydia Laura art are highly priced by many collectors due to their attractiveness and durability. Laura began her career by exhibiting with her husband in Spain. All her paintings are inspired by her travels in Spain, and they depict the life and landscape of Spain.
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