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Loretta Linza Art

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Loretta Linza loved art from her childhood. In fact she has been illustrating architecture and nature since she was 9 years old. She was very sure that she would become a professional artist. Loretta gets her inspiration from both the outer world and the materials she uses to recreate it. She likes to surround her self with people who can add value to her profession. She has her own unique style of presenting her work. This sometimes manifests itself as painterly realism and sometimes as abstract simplicity. Loretta is originally from Niagara Falls, New York but for the last about 30 years she has lived in Arizona. Loretta holds associate degrees in commercial design and fine art painting. She produces her art in a variety of finishing options; the most popular being the ready to hang framed Loretta Linza art which come with all the required accessories. Hence, many collectors like to stock them and they can also be found in many galleries homes and institutions around the world. People describe her as opinionated, passionate and focused on almost every detail of the world. Her keenness to detail makes her to produce art that looks real and attractive. She considers her artistic influences to be Alma-Tadema, Bougereau, Wayne Thibault, Rene Magritte, and Paul Cezanne. When she’s not producing art, Loretta enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and running near her desert home. Being a self-described plant nerd she likes to interpret the more unanticipated species of plants as opposed to the garden variety.
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