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Framed Sheldon Lewis Wall Art

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Sheldon Lewis is a New York-based artist whose art covers diverse topics, mainly influenced by his surroundings. Now 33 years old, having moved to the U.S. at the age of 24, he still continues to thrill his audience with great artistic works. Lewis was brought up by his grandmother and he grew with the love of the outdoors. They lived in a wooden house on a beautiful Black sandy beach in the Caribbean. During his time at the Caribbean, he was always attracted by the outdoors, just taking a view of the sceneries and undertaking outdoor activities such as spear fishing or simply fishing. Although fishing was his favorite activity, whenever he wasn’t fishing, he would take his time out hiking all the way to a 55 foot drop village waterfall that was near their resident home. As he grew up, he became fascinated with art. He was mostly inspired by the things that surrounded him, from the natural things to manmade objects. And when he moved to New York, he decided to explore his creativity, creating art since. He draws a lot of creativity for his experiences in the Caribbean and the U.S. and has been using the same to create acclaimed pieces. Lewis artwork can be found in galleries, offices, business premises, and are sold through several outlets in the U.S. Knowing the demand for ready to hang art, there are several galleries that stock framed Sheldon Lewis art. However, his artistic works are also available in other finishing options, including canvas prints, and lamination.
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