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Framed Victor Levasseur Wall Art

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Framed Atlas Nationale Illustre II
Atlas Nationale Illustre II
by Victor Levasseur
29" x 22" Frame
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Victor Levasseur (Born 1800) was born in France where he also died in 1870. He earned a lot of respect because of his keenness to detail. He was a cartographer widely known for his unique decorative style. Many modern maps have been derived from his work. Levasseur was one of the artists who considered art as a means of escape from the chaotic world. The moment he got immersed in his work, everything else took the back seat. He produced many maps mainly admired for the data surrounding them and the artistic content of the scenes than for the detail of the map. He was much admired because he delivered his art within the stipulated time and budget. He managed to cultivate a good working relationship with his clients because he was good at beating deadlines. That doesn’t mean the maps are not detailed; in fact, he was very keen in whatever he was doing. Levasseur’s art in general have caused a lot of excitement among cartographers and art collectors. Much of his work was influenced by his childhood and by the places he had visited and the people he had interacted with. His art, especially the framed Victor Levasseur art, are inspiring because of the unique way in which he produced them His art has found its way into many galleries and collections. He had a network of clients all over the world because he managed to build a name for himself. He got inspiration from critics and the feedback he received from his clients and viewers.
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