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Framed Misha Lenn Wall Art

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Framed Tango Bliss
Tango Bliss
by Misha Lenn
11" x 13"
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Misha Lenn (Born 1962) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1984, he graduated from the prestigious Mukhina Vocational Art School with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in advertising and graphics. At a very early age while studying music, Lenn found that he had an inclination to draw. He made the switch with his mother’s support and has not looked back since. After graduation, he became very well known in Russia because of the quality of his work. Lenn’s name was associated with many prestigious Russian events, such as ballroom competitions, music festivals, and beauty pageants. During this time he was participating in international events in Finland, Italy, and Germany. Lenn has developed a very distinctive style of watercolor painting. The vibrant energy of Toulouse Lautrec, the elegance and grace of Degas, the romantic verve of Renoir, the complex patterns of Klimt, and the technical command of Monet has been his primary influences. His favorite motifs are city scenes, still lifes, and figures. Impressionism permeates his work and that’s why ready to hang framed Misha Lenn are very popular to date. His interest in music still manifests itself as he likes to play the jazz piano and also manifests in his art in the form of musical scores that he collages into his paintings. This element he has become known for. In 1990 Lenn went to the US and he quickly distinguished himself in the fields of graphic design, fashion design (Calvin Klein and Donna Karan), and fine art. He has received numerous awards in national competitions, logo design, and excellence, including: Regional PRINT Magazine, American Graphic Design Award, Letterhead and Logo Design, Best of Business Card Design, Watercolor Expressions, etc.
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