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William R. Leigh Art

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William R. Leigh (Born 1866) specialized in Western scenes. He was born at Maidstone Manor Farm, West Virginia in Berkeley County. His focus was on the purples and pinks that come into being at sun set over the mountain ranges of New Mexico and Arizona, and the changing light of the Southwest. Leigh traveled to the Southwest several times to paint the people and landscape, though he never moved there permanently. He led a dual life, as he and his wife opened the Traphagen School of Fashion in New York. The school taught clothing design courses, and was cutting-edge, students and its owner claiming responsibility for introducing slacks and shorts to women's wear lines. He traveled all over the West, painting the Yellowstone National Forest and the Grand Canyon. His main area of interest was the Navajo and Hopi Indians, who he painted from 1912 to 1926every summer. He entered the Maryland Institute in 1880, and then attended the Royal Academy in Munich. Leigh returned to the U.S. after 12 years abroad and began working as a magazine illustrator and also painted cycloramas. In the U.S., he settled in New York City, and made illustrations for Collier's and Scribner's magazines. He became deeply-rooted as an illustrator, but both the limited subject matter and the nature of the work made him concerned for new challenges. Many of his pieces of art were and are still presented as framed William R. Leigh art; there are also other finishing options that the clients can order.
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