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Framed Poto Leifi Wall Art

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Framed Golden Sable I50% Off Art Prints
Golden Sable I
by Poto Leifi
30" x 42" Frame
Price: $397.99 
Sale: $159.20
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Poto Leifi was born and raised in Southern California. He has been drawing since he was 4 years old. Leifi has worked as a graphic artist, an Illustrator, as well as footwear, furniture, and an apparel designer. He’s also a published artist, a photographer, and slightly more than a decade ago, he began to publish his own artwork as well. Leifi always takes a design approach to what he’s doing. Everything he creates is a series and/or collection and he intendeds that it develops a life of its own. He’s always had great sales with his products and he spends a lot of time studying his customers’ trends and behaviors. After the 911 terrorist attacks, Leifi felt guilty working as a designer while the country was at war. In 2005 however, when he found out that older guys could now join, he found a recruiter, signed his papers in the spring of 2006, went on a strict financial and physical diet, and found himself going through basic-training in October of that year at the age of 39. Leifi has deployed to the combat zone two times. He had the honor of serving his country effectively in Afghanistan and Iraq and has also trained in Bangladesh, Nepal and South Korea. Starting art at a young age has contributed a lot to his current work for creating posters, prints and art. This has made him to produce high quality works that are the first choice of many collectors. In fact the framed Poto Leifi art are in great demand all over the world.
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