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Latham Art

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Framed Red Forest III
Red Forest III
by Latham
15" x 27" Frame
Price: $165.99 
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Latham (1921 – 2006) was a British sculptor, conceptual artist, painter, performance artist, video and filmmaker, born in Zambia. He was educated at Winchester College. He later studied at Regent Street Polytechnic, and from 1946 to 1950, he studied at the Chelsea School of Art, London. From 1954 his concern was not with the production of art objects as the main objective but with various processes involved and consequently with the recording in 3Ds of sequences of patterns and of events. In 1958 Latham introduced partly burnt over-painted and torn books into assemblages. In 1966 the parody and destruction of systems of knowledge implied in his work was apparent. He once organized a party at which guests chewed pages of Art and Culture books by Clement Greenberg; the remains were then fermented into mash then distilled and finally returned in a test-tube to the Art library of St Martin's School. From the late 1950s, his theory and art were consistently experimental, including investigations into performance art and conceptual art as well as assemblages, paintings, videos and films. central to his theories was his concept of Event-Structures, which represents a complex proposition suggesting the realignment of economic, political, social, and aesthetic structures around a mode of thinking that’s ‘time-base' progressing from what the artist termed the ‘least-event', to complex political and social structures in which a critical role is played by the artist. The art he produced was and is still admired by many to date – more so the ready to hang framed Latham art.
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