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Gregory Lang Art

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Framed Midtown Towers
Midtown Towers
by Gregory Lang
38" x 48" Frame
Price: $1,075.99 
Sale: $537.99
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American painter Gregory Lang is best known for his abstract cityscape paintings. A native of New England, Lang’s unique and expressive urban landscapes goes beyond era and location, distilling the city to the real meaning of energy and line. Lang began painting and sketching buildings, harbors and bridges at a young age. He was influenced by the region's industrial surroundings. He first came into the limelight in the arts scene at the age of nine after a storybook written and illustrated by him was exhibited at Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Museum of Art, Science and Industry. He studied architecture and mechanical drafting in secondary school. Both a follower of the traditional methods and an explorer of new approaches to painting, Lang uses an impressionistic, free technique throughout his work. He decided to join the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut from where he received instruction in painting and drawing. In 1991, the artist moved to Berlin to pursue studies in architecture. Gregory moved to Berlin, Germany at age nineteen to pursue his studies in architecture. He arrived only 14 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. While in Germany, he was exposed to a number of outsider, underground art that was rising from the East. He mainly explored plein air painting and photography, and also created architectural renderings from his travels throughout Europe. He was highly sought after, and even today, framed Gregory Lang art are in great demand. Lang also worked as a fine art consultant for galleries where he represented notable and established artists in addition to founding a publishing company for emerging artists.
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