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Andrea Laliberte Art

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Andrea Laliberte can’t remember when she began doing art. Her life has been revolving around art since she was a child. A Canadian artist based in Montreal, Andrea’s biggest interest in art to day is the contemporary woman who is both independent and confident. Andrea holds a degree in fashion design, a study she took out of her passion for beauty. After her graduation, she plunged herself headlong into the world of art with a lot of zeal. Over the years, Andrea has developed a unique style of stylishness from her allure with both texture and form. Her works of art capture a number of elements, including femininity and strength as well as employing colors and shades in order to achieve the best composition and expression. Her artwork has reached a wide audience due to their variety in terms of quality and content. Has art are sold as both limited editions and prints, and have been exhibited in different galleries and. She continues to produce art while exploring her world to provide her viewers with the best pieces possible. Today, framed Andrea Laliberte art sell in large numbers and are therefore stocked in large quantities by many discerning collectors. Andrea is inspired by the different cultures she interacts with during her travels to various destinations across the world. Her travels have strengthened her understanding of beauty according to the different people she interacts with. Andrea sees the world, captures it through her eyes and then, through her adorable paintings, expresses it in a unique style. Her paintings also include other subjects that appeal to her.
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