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LA Pop Art

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3 Items
Framed Addicted to Love
Addicted to Love
by LA Pop
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $152.99 
Sale: $152.99
Framed Route 66
Route 66
by LA Pop
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $208.99 
Sale: $208.99
Framed Tyranosaurus Rex
Tyranosaurus Rex
by LA Pop
19" x 19" Frame
Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
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3 Items
Founded in 2004, Los Angeles Pop Art, also known as LA Pop Art, creates art that reflects real life using a style called Micrography, which involves the use of hand drawn outlines and different text styles to create art. Joseph Leibovic founded the company after developing his artistic style for almost 10 years. While he was living in Israel in 1994, he came across street artists in Tzvat town, creating art using text based approach. Leibovic got fascinated with the style and set out to Americanize it. After years of trial and error and serious searching, he believed he had fully defined his signature style and so he traveled back to Los Angeles and founded LA Pop Art. The company is however based in Las Vegas. Leibovic’s idea to stay unique involved creating art, mainly on American subjects, including selected movie scripts and famous music lyrics. He uses full lyrics or scripts in a manner that brings the art to life. Leibovic uses different outlines that may represent humans, names, motor vehicles, among several others. Within the past decade, LA Pop Art has registered growth to unexpected levels, making appearances in high end magazines such as Maxim, Playboy, Rolling Stone, and Stuff. TV Series and short films have also featured his works, with some of the notable features being Workaholics, The Girls Next Door, Battle: LA, and Weeds. Leibovic’s creative works are collected in The Ronald Reagan Presidential Art Collection among others spread globally. Framed LA Pop Art pieces have also found their way into different galleries and art stores, expanding his market coverage.
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