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La Foret Art

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5 Items
Framed Mediterranean Harbor
Mediterranean Harbor
by La Foret
29" x 23" Frame
Price: $273.99 
Sale: $136.99
Framed Three Sailboats
Three Sailboats
by La Foret
18" x 23" Frame
Price: $210.99 
Sale: $105.49
Framed Woman Sightseeing
Woman Sightseeing
by La Foret
16" x 14" Frame
Price: $155.99 
Sale: $77.99
Framed City Streets
City Streets
by La Foret
36" x 30" Frame
Price: $362.99 
Sale: $181.49
Framed Mediterranean Sunset
Mediterranean Sunset
by La Foret
22" x 18" Frame
Price: $202.99 
Sale: $101.49
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5 Items
Eugene La Foret (Born 1931) is a highly respected painter with vast experience spanning decades. Having gotten his artistic training in Paris, Berlin and Munich, he was ready to start an art career that would last a lifetime. From his studies, La Foret got introduced to the use of different media and artistic styles. His wide network and interactions with diverse artists have seen him lead a prosperous artistic career over the years. La Foret covers different subjects, although most of his own works are seascapes and landscapes. Most of his landscapes portray familiar scenes with villas and pathways, elements that make them quite intriguing and easy to relate to. He owns a studio in Manhattan, New York, called Studio Store from where he creates his art. He’s one artist who freely creates his art in his studio even with customers and art lovers just checking around his works in his studio. The New Yorker described him in an October 28, 1944, issue as "the only artist in town who paints in full view of the public in his own store, in which he sells his creations, usually hot off the easel." La Foret receives commissions from customers and sells his art at different prices based on the specified size, material, and the effort needed for each. He has also licenses many of his art pieces to galleries for sale. Besides having his creative pieces in galleries, they are also found in reputable collections. Those who would like to purchase laminated, canvas, or framed Eugene La Foret art can easily find them from online or local galleries.
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