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Framed Marie Krane Wall Art

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Framed Paris En Flanant
Paris En Flanant
by Marie Krane
14" x 16"
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Chicago-based artist Marie Krane is founder of the performance and installation collective Cream Co. In the still life tradition, the artist takes the flowers she cuts from her garden as her subject. Her works on large-scale are held in the collections of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Berkeley Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Her paintings are filled with colors and are comprised of several single repeated marks. Paint is not actually what she uses for depicting sensorial impression of her subjects, as it is in conventional still life paintings. What is represented in her paintings is a flow of time through the flower. She keeps the cut flowers for many years, and observes the course of their lives, death, and slow decay. She abstracts and records from these stages the colors of the flower. This recorded colors become the foundation for an algorithmic pattern of applying marks to canvas and mixing pigment; the wholeness of marks generates a field of delicately changing color; now sapped in decay, now enlivened in bloom, it plays along the doorsill of discernment and reads as an abstraction of passing time. Marie has exhibited in private and public institutions in Europe and North America, including exhibitions at DePaul University Art Museum; Rijks Academie (Netherlands), Berkeley Art Museum; the Herron Gallery; the Fleming Museum; the Hyde Park Art Center; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Framed Marie Krane art are very popular among nature lovers that’s why her work has been reviewed and is in many private collections and are included in many texts and essays. She also holds a MFA in painting with honors from the School of the Art Institute.
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