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Dusty Knight Art

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Framed Pink Poppies II
Pink Poppies II
by Dusty Knight
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $181.99 
Sale: $90.99
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Dusty Knight is counted among the leading artists in New Hampshire where she resides. She has been an artist for many and is very consistent in producing high quality pieces of art. Dusty paints her loose and spontaneous paintings in her home studio while sitting next to large windows looking out over the ocean, her beautiful garden and rocky islands. Her love of art comes so naturally; she doesn’t have to struggle and she considers being an artist as a blessing. The artist always produces great work in short notice and often before the deadline. This has endeared her to her clients who like to purchase the framed Dusty Knight art. She actually lives in her childhood home with her husband in coastal New Hampshire, where they have two teenage daughters and many animals. In the time that she has worked as a professional artist, Dusty has produced hundreds of pieces of art, all of which have sold successfully. She believes her artwork should be peaceful, relaxing and loving, so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Dusty has developed her own unique painting technique in which she uses watercolors and acrylics on a rigid surface. She has devoted her full attention to watercolor painting for many years, and has established herself as an outstanding floral artist. Dusty expresses her feelings about her subjects through her art and her art has found its way into many galleries, museums and homes all over the world. She ha been praised for her keenness to detail that makes her art stand out.
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