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Charlotte Klingler Art

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Framed Superstition Sunset in March
Superstition Sunset in March
by Charlotte Klingler
35" x 26" Frame
Price: $307.99 
Sale: $153.99
Framed Monsoon Season
Monsoon Season
by Charlotte Klingler
36" x 26" Frame
Price: $303.99 
Sale: $151.99
Framed Superstition Mountain
Superstition Mountain
by Charlotte Klingler
40" x 22" Frame
Price: $312.99 
Sale: $156.49
Framed Window Rock
Window Rock
by Charlotte Klingler
41" x 29" Frame
Price: $359.99 
Sale: $179.99
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4 Items
Like many artists Charlotte Klingler loved art since her childhood. She could be seen spending long hours working on her pieces of art. The beauty of her work was a clear indication that she was destined to be a professional artist. After her studies at TUSD – Davidson Elementary, she proceeded to Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Graphic Design. Charlotte does not want to limit her creativity. That’s why she has wide experience in other areas including Skin Care, Fragrance, Beauty Industry, Makeup Artistry, Retail, Makeovers, Sales, Fashion, Customer Service, Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Bridal Showers, Styling, and Glamour. Charlotte has dedicated her life to art. She’s keen to detail and will always pick what many artists can easily ignore. She believes that by appreciating the little things around her, she can learn a lot from nature. Charlotte loves creating art that’s not just meant for hanging on the wall but that which can also inspire those who view it. That’s why today framed Charlotte Klingler art are highly priced by many collectors and can be found in many galleries and museums around the world. Her art is also available in other finishing options which viewers can choose. Charlotte has participated in many art exhibitions that have added to the popularity of her art. She sells oil paintings and drawings and also commissioned portraits and landscapes. Many of her paintings are inspired by her own childhood, and they not only vary in subject matter but they also vary in size and media.
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